Connect with early-stage talent

Identify & recruit target candidates using our digital platform and services


Identify & recruit school target candidates - finding the right candidates for higher apprenticeships / school leaver programmes can be resource intensive & inefficient given that there are 3,000+ secondary schools.

FutureReach’s community offers a smarter way to reach pre-qualified sixth-form students across the UK. Our database of students can be segmented allowing you to effectively identify and reach target candidates and encourage their applications.

Our focus groups of high-potential millennials generate leading-edge insight and can be used to create and test attraction strategies and brand positioning.


Design and delivery of innovative internship programmes that support D&I agendas. Services range from light touch consultancy to full outsourcing.

Research and insight can be generated from our focus-groups of high-potential millennials studying at Oxbridge and Russell Group university campuses.

Source exceptional candidates from diverse backgrounds through our alumni network – graduate programmes plus early experienced hires.

Key stats on our interns:

28% first generation in their families going to university
57% from BME backgrounds • 67% female


High-impact and innovative training for students in local schools offers your employees the chance to positively impact young people by helping them prepare for the world of work.

Professional actors perform role-plays making the sessions immersive and fun. Your employees are supported by our facilitators and proven content - minimal pre-work is required.

Delivery is focused on schools in disadvantaged areas ensuring we target student who can benefit most. Partnering together offers an opportunity to generate positive internal comms and story-telling around investment in the next generation.

Custom training examples:

• Basic business etiquette
• Pitching & presentation master classes

"We worked with FutureReach for the first time in 2011 & found the organisation to be extremely professional. The students were all of a very high standard & performed excellently during their internship – we were completely bowled over!"

Credit Suisse

"The employability training is unique, engaging and highly impactful"

Sophie Gould, Head of Lexis PSL In-house

"The addition of brilliant, professional actors is innovative and a real highlight"

Alastair Higgenbottom, UK Volunteering Maestro, Salesforce

"The workshop made a very positive impact on our students' confidence and gave them useful opportunities to practice skills"

Viivi Rissanen, Clapton School for Girls, March 2016

"We were delighted to host Barclays for an interactive event on their higher apprenticeship programme. Students benefitted from the opportunity to interact with a major employer & learned valuable employability skills."

Glasgow City Council

"We have partnered with FutureReach for years and found them a pleasure to work with. They put every effort into ensuring that the programme was a success for our company"

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"This was the first time I've volunteered for Futurereach and I can't underscore enough how rewarding it was"

Stuart Rowland, Director, Recruitment EMEA, Salesforce, March 2016

"We were first introduced to FutureReach in 2009 when they helped us launch our first summer intern programme for school leavers. FutureReach exceeded our expectations by sourcing a fantastic shortlist of candidates."

Deutsche Bank

"There's a genuine sense of empowerment and confidence about the future among the pupils"

Sophie Gould, Head of Lexis PSL In-house

"It was great to see my students so engaged with the actors, and to hear from volunteer business professionals"

Viivi Rissanen, Clapton School for Girls, March 2016

"Our volunteers have found the sessions to be really enjoyable and appreciated the opportunity to offer support to students at the outset of their careers"

Alastair Higgenbottom, UK Volunteering Maestro, Salesforce

"The service from FutureReach was professional, efficient and friendly throughout. A true partner"

Deutsche Bank

"I found this a rewarding event to be a part of and great to offer what we see as everyday skills to young people starting out in the careers."

Gillian Harrison, Salesforce Marketing

"I especially like the use of professional actors which brings the training to life and energises the students"

Sophie Gould, Head of Lexis PSL In-house

"Thank you for a most insightful and useful session, I now feel full of confidence for the pitch. Let me at them!!"

Janette, founder of OMOSUPE LTD consultancy - Pitching & Presentation Masterclass training

"I was initially apprehensive - not being a natural public speaker - but after the session I have the tools to bring my confidence to the fore, ready for the big day"

Richard O'Neill, Waterwall Limited - Pitching & Presentation Masterclass Training

"My 5 weeks at the bank was an amazing and unique experience, I learnt so much about the industry and made some invaluable contacts."

Bank of America Merrill Lynch intern, 2016

"It was a truly great session - we loved the energy the FutureReach team brought to it"

Legal Social Mobility Partnership Workshop, 2016

"Futurereach put on a fantastic display at a recent event I was at. They ran a workshop and presentation for the Legal Social Mobility Partnership that everybody loved."

Lexis Nexis, September 2016

Theory of change

FutureReach is a social enterprise that empowers young people to connect to successful futures.

We are not a charity - we don't receive any grants, endowments or tax relief. Instead we focus on generating social value alongside serving our clients and meeting real business needs. We run a sustainable organisation that seeks to generate both a social and a financial return on investment for Big Issue Invest who support us.

Our team has worked at the highest levels of government, in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit serving the Blair, Brown and Coalition Administrations, and at World 50 and Time Inc. The actors we work with tread the boards in the West End, have appeared in Bond films and devise award winning work. From these diverse experiences we were inspired to create an organisation that connects smart students to top companies whilst powering social mobility.

Employers say they struggle to attract school leavers, apprentices and graduates who have the right skills. However, employability skills are not taught in school. We bridge this gap - here’s how we create social impact:



The Government tends to focus on NEETs* - we think there is a gap around support for high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds and yet the opportunity to positively impact this group is huge. So, this is where we focus.

The students we work with have the raw talent to succeed and have often achieved well academically (sometimes despite rather than because of their school). Supporting these students to access early-stage internships and giving them some training on what employers are looking for can help them maximise their potential, and put them on track for successful futures.

Employability training

Our training helps students clearly understand what skills employers want. They learn in practical terms how to showcase their existing skills and what to do next to build up new employability skills before they leave school. This helps students better manage the post-school transition and start to prepare constructively for the future.

Targeting training at schools in deprived areas means we focus support on less privileged students, and thereby advance social mobility - through contributing to levelling the playing field.

Early Stage internships

Early-stage internships inculcate an upward spiral of success. The exposure to a formal work environment plus the positive brand association of a top employer on the CVs means that students gain an edge, are more able to secure subsequent internships, and finally a job on graduation. Success is positively reinforced at every stage and all interns are paid.

*NEETs means young people who are not in employment, education or training

FutureReach in Action

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Here’s some information for you to copy and paste into an email for your students:

Dear Students,

I came across - a website that has been specifically created to help sixth form students prepare for the future - and I thought it might be helpful for you as you start to plan for the future after finishing school.

It has a library of resources including short videos (30 secs – 2 mins) on:

  • how to prepare for interviews
  • what employability skills actually are
  • how to build the skills employers are looking for

Plus there are interviews with top employers across banking, tech and law explaining what they do and what they are looking for.

I hope this is helpful.

With kind regards,