What is the FutureReach story?

FutureReach is a social enterprise that empowers young people to connect to successful futures.

We are not a charity – we don’t receive any grants, endowments or tax relief. Instead we focus on generating social value alongside serving our clients and meeting real business needs. We run a sustainable organisation that seeks to generate both a social and a financial return on investment.

Our team has worked in the highest levels of government, in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit serving the Blair, Brown and Coalition Administrations, at World 50 and at Time Inc.  The actors we work with tread the boards in the West End, have featured in Bond films and devised award winning work. From these diverse experiences we were inspired to create an organisation that connects smart young people to top companies whilst powering social mobility.

Employers say they struggle to attract school leavers, apprentices and graduates with the right skills. But employability skills are not taught in school. We bridge this gap.

Who are you?

We’re a small team based in London and New York and we also work closely with a great group of professional actors who step in to deliver some of our training.

When did you start?

We set up in 2009 without a name or a website and convinced Deutsche Bank and Bank of America to come on board as our first clients. Seven years later we’ve scaled up, secured investment and are still working to positively influence young people across the UK – from Dundee to Hackney.

How is the content funded?

FutureReach’s revenue comes from companies – they sponsor our training in schools and pay us for our services which include designing internship programmes and helping them to recruit for their “early talent” programmes.  We also received some investment from Big Issue Invest which paid for some of the video content. Our content and training is always free for students and for schools. Our interns are always paid. Any sponsored or promoted content will always be clearly marked.

I thought I’d already registered but I can’t see the All Content page – what’s going on?

If you’ve previously completed the form and are being asked to fill them it out again you’re either in a new browser or you’ve cleared your cookies from your history. Cookies are a way for us to remember who you are without the need for an annoying login and password. So, if you want to access the All Content page again, you’ll need to re-fill in the form then the cookie will be added again and the site will remember you for next time. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Any other questions?

Feel free to get in touch

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Here’s some information for you to copy and paste into an email for your students:

Dear Students,

I came across http://futurereach.org.uk - a website that has been specifically created to help sixth form students prepare for the future - and I thought it might be helpful for you as you start to plan for the future after finishing school.

It has a library of resources including short videos (30 secs – 2 mins) on:

  • how to prepare for interviews
  • what employability skills actually are
  • how to build the skills employers are looking for

Plus there are interviews with top employers across banking, tech and law explaining what they do and what they are looking for.

I hope this is helpful.

With kind regards,