How to choose your A-Levels. For students, by students

Worksheet: How to choose your A-Levels. For students, by students

This worksheet will help you through the process as well as the best strategy behind choosing your A-Levels. And the best part about this worksheet? It was created by students so you know that the advice is relevant and helpful.

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Here’s some information for you to copy and paste into an email for your students:

Dear Students,

I came across - a website that has been specifically created to help sixth form students prepare for the future - and I thought it might be helpful for you as you start to plan for the future after finishing school.

It has a library of resources including short videos (30 secs – 2 mins) on:

  • how to prepare for interviews
  • what employability skills actually are
  • how to build the skills employers are looking for

Plus there are interviews with top employers across banking, tech and law explaining what they do and what they are looking for.

I hope this is helpful.

With kind regards,