Finding a Job with No Experience

Graduates who have just finished their training often start their job seeking with a lot of enthusiasm. They are happy to be out of the educational setting and look forward to finally making some money. In some cases, this enthusiasm can soon turn to frustration. All because many of the positions they are trained for also want experience.

Finding a Job Without Experience

Undoubtedly there are some ways to be able to land a job without having experience.

The Alternative

If experience is required for the job you are applying for, then take a look to see if the company has other job openings that may not require experience. What you are doing here is getting your foot in the door.

However, if you are going to go down this route, make sure this is the company that you really want to work for in respect to what you have been trained to do. Taking another job within the company may mean you are not working in your field of expertise for a while, but this may pay off. When a job does open up in your field, you have already built your credibility with the company, and they will often hire in-house first.

The Extras

When applying for a job that requires experience focus on promoting your soft skills. These are the additional attributes that employers look for in a job applicant.

Make sure to focus on those that are most related to the job you are applying for. For example, it may mean shift work. Make it known that you are totally flexible for shift work. Or it may require teamwork. Then make sure you mention how good you are when working in a team.

Don’t Under Estimate the Experience You Do Have

You may not have experience in the workforce, but you may have experience through extracurricular activities or through volunteering that you did in the past. If this relates to the job position, then make sure you mention this.

With the right approach, it is not uncommon for employers to change their mind about experience. If the job applicant has many of the other attributes that are beneficial to the position, then the employer will be willing to do a trade-off.