Finding Jobs That Are Not Advertised

No doubt ,a lot of people are under the assumption that if a company has a job opening that it is going to be advertised. Most likely, it will be found in one of the classified sites online. It has been shown that this often not the case.

Hidden Jobs

It is a fact there have been many studies carried out that indicate that about 70% of the job openings are never advertised. For new job positions, it is indicated that about 30% of these are not advertised either. Which means there are a lot of job opportunities that a job seeker may be missing out on.

Minimal Advertising for Senior Positions

The job market went through a period where a lot of companies were cutting back and laid off a portion of their senior personnel. This left a lot of long term employees now looking for new jobs. One of the problems they ran into was that positions that they were qualified for were not advertised as much as what entry positions were.

The Solution

Understanding that there are jobs out there that are not advertised raises the challenge of how to find them. There is a solution, and that is networking. However, not a lot of job seekers understand what networking is.


Networking is not as complex as it sounds. It basically means spreading the word about your capabilities and what you are looking for. This has to be done in the right circle of people. Networking is not left to chance. It is all about developing a networking plan.

Networking Plan

Step One: is identifying your network then working at expanding this. Your network is basically anyone that you come in contact with that has created some type of interaction. Some examples of who would be part of your network are:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Colleagues
  • Professionals in your life like Doctors and Lawyers
  • Members of Clubs and Organisations

There are people who you come in contact with regularly. For example, it could be the parents of your children’s friends. These are part of your network.

You need to have a way to contact the people in your network. Email addresses are the easiest contact info to get but so are phone numbers. So both of these methods should be used to get as many contact numbers as possible.

Step Two: is knowing what message you want to put out within the network. This is the reaching out step to your network. What you want to do here is let them know that you are job hunting and give them specifics of what you are looking for.

Then a simple closing of asking them to let you know if they have anybody in mind that may be looking for someone like you.

Step Three: is following up with potential leads. This is the final step and the one that you are responsible for. Possibly someone will give you the contact information of who may be looking for someone with your skills. You, however, now have to take this lead and follow it through.